Home for the Holidays: Your Party Planning Guide

— October 9, 2018

Throwing a holiday party at home doesn’t have to be a nail-biting experience for you. Really, it’s all about those little decorative hints, a stress-free menu planning process, the natural flow of your home’s rooms and most importantly—those precious memories.

The earlier you pinpoint the details, the better. This helpful guide will help you plan a party you can sit down long enough to enjoy with your friends and family, remembering for years to come.

The Art of Arranging a Room

Take a good look at your home and get the general feng shui of the room. What kind of space do you have to work with? Maybe you could easily fit a buffet along the wall of your living room. Or a colorful spread of dips and small bites across your dining room table or kitchen island.

Custom Artisan Display and Buffet at Holiday Event

Perhaps you prefer a cocktail party setup. Arrange a table near the entrance of your home so the first thing guests see upon walking through the door is champagne on ice and a tray of sparkling drinks waiting to be enjoyed.

Festive Décor

Exceptional flare is the icing to holiday parties. All it takes is a few simple additions like centerpieces, plants and floral arrangements, ice carvings and mood lighting.

Tenting your patio is a good way to add an extension to your house, and it encourages guests to spread out.  Take a look at this Martini Lounge we created using a modern bar, lounge furniture and a fabulous chandelier to complete the look.

Jolly Entertainment

Some of the most valuable entertainers are those who truly know how to bring out the holiday spirit in party-goers. We partner with DJs, photo booths, bands of all types and sizes, fortune tellers and even a casino vendor who provides blackjack tables. And of course, we can’t forget Santa for the children.

Delicious Eatery

Themed buffet displays with fresh holiday greens make for some scrumptious holidays. Consider arranging a bruschetta station to bring out those greens and reds and provide your guests with a crisp, refreshing snack.

Holiday Bruschetta Station

For home holiday parties, we offer plenty of take-away menu options or full-service catering. We want to help with whatever you need to be a relaxed host and fully enjoy your guests and the holiday season, whether that means all the details or just a few menu items or desserts.

One of our favorite holiday spreads includes mini Bundt cakes and cranberry whoopie pies. Dessert platters add a sweet touch to any table.

Holiday Desserts and Sweet Treats

Client Testimonial: Everything was wonderful. The entire staff was amazing, and I got compliment after compliment on the food. Thank you so very much. – BMC

It’s always a good idea to place your holiday party order two to three months ahead of time, which is when people are starting to reserve their dates. Especially if you’re looking to have your party on a specific date, earlier is always better!

We’d love for you to fill us in about your upcoming holiday party. Contact us online or give us a call at (713) 699-1693.

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