What 30 Years Means to Our Houston Catering Company

— November 30, 2017

30 is not just a number—at least not to our passionate team of culinary and event experts. Thirty years of providing exceptional Houston catering services is an important milestone for our company. And because it is the Houston community that makes our history so memorable, we are very excited to share this celebration with you.

As we mark our 30th anniversary, we are so thankful to everyone who lets us pursue our passion of cultivating memorable events. And very soon you will understand why.

Gratitude for 30 Years of Houston Catering Opportunities
Shared Journeys

We feel so fortunate to have such loyal clients—many of whom have been with us for the majority of our 30 years of business. Catering generational celebrations is a really special honor. From their wedding, retirement, or quinceañera to their 30th birthday celebration, each event is a chance to share in a life journey.

As our catering company continues to grow, servicing increasingly more local companies and individuals, each relationship has remained as unique and meaningful to us as when we started in 1988 with just one employee—Executive Chef Jeffrey George. It was out of gratitude for these solid relationships that we launched our referral program in 2017.


Valuable Team and Individual Development

Jeffrey believed the right work environment would be critical to his company’s success. He wanted to be able to work alongside others who were as passionate about food as he was, and he wanted their pride and values to be contagious. With full faith in our core values of integrity and honesty, Jeffrey felt comfortable offering workers great opportunities to develop their skills in the kitchen and grow with the company. And the result has been happy employees who have stayed with us an exceptionally long time.

With no shortage of opportunities to move up through the company, our employees remain excited and motivated to do their very best for each and every client. They cherish their responsibilities and have a hunger to learn more and pass their knowledge on to you. For our employees, the finished product of unparalleled events and client satisfaction is a reward in itself. And it is not surprising that we have developed into a company of generational employees, with family members seeing how satisfying doing what you love for work can be.


Fresh Ideas and Steadfast Standards

We love when clients bring us their unique event and menu ideas—your style is our chefs’ favorite inspiration. And you can rest assured that any food we custom design for you will be full of the freshest items. All along, our chefs have taken great pride in working with the highest-quality ingredients. From our penne pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes that is featured in a cookbook produced by the HRA – Culinary Capital to Jeffrey’s feta torta, our cuisine has always been extraordinarily flavorful, and we know this is largely thanks to our unwavering food quality standards.

Community Engagement

We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the trust that Houston residents and companies have placed in our team. We are so glad that we have been able to continually help create successful and joyous events that give us the power and honor of giving back to the community.

From serving on the board of directors for various organizations to assisting with different animal organizations such as Citizens for Animal Protection, we are humbled to have so many opportunities to return our support to Houston. Whether gathering supplies and feeding first responders after Hurricane Harvey or perfecting the artistic presentation of clients’ custom menus, we take our commitment to our local community very seriously.

If we had to guess, we would say we have serviced more than 100,000 events since 1988. And the orders just keep coming. We could not be more humbled to have progressed together to become the most trusted Houston catering company and to garner countless awards along the way. But the best recognition is hearing from our loyal clients and knowing that their event was everything they imagined.

If you want 30 years of experience to back all your event plans, then contact our dedicated professionals online or give us a call at 713.699.1693.

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