Crafting a Personalized Experience with Baked Goods

— August 20, 2019

There is something memorable about taking that first bite of a delicious custom-made dessert. It goes beyond your standard chocolate chip cookie. You often feel instant love and appreciation for the person who takes the time to create a custom dessert with you and your special occasion in mind.

We truly enjoy making custom desserts. No matter the event, a custom dessert leaves behind something memorable for your guests. Not to mention that homemade custom treats are usually the tastiest.

Crafting a Personalized Experience with Baked Goods

Working with Passionate Bakers

At Catering by George, we work with clients to create custom bakery items for every type of occasion. Our passionate bakers, Shelby and Berlinda, have years worth of experience and fell into this career path simply because they loved the art of baking. Each custom bakery item these two whip up is made with care and a desire to delight the customer. If you’re not sure what you want to create, these two can provide the inspiration for how to capture your audience in a meaningful way.

Bake Goods Fresh and Custom from Our Kitchen

Everything is made right in our kitchen. Over the years, we have really been able to expand our bakery offerings in ways that allow for even more customization. Here are some of our favorite ways to craft a personalized experience with bakery items:

Make Branded Desserts the Highlight of Your Event

Brand awareness comes in all forms. Your logo is there to make an impact, and what better way than to put it on a delicious bakery item? If you have new employees coming on board, treat them to a batch of branded cookies! This will make them feel welcome and help them start their journey with your company on the right foot. It’s a simple gesture, but one that will make them feel appreciated. It’s also more affordable than branded swag items!

Branded Custom Cookie Desserts with Logos

On sales calls, you want to leave something behind that everyone in their office will remember. A platter of bakery items like cookies and cakes with your logo on them will have everyone talking about how thoughtful you are, making it easier to land that deal you’ve been working on.

If there is one way to easily elevate an event, it’s with logos printed on custom bakery items. This is one facet of the event you can have complete control over creatively, and it can be so much fun! Welcome each guest with a branded cookie at the door, or pair it with a milk shooter for the perfect sweet treat for cocktail hour. Create single serving custom cakes with the logo in bold on top where everyone can see. Pass out chocolates with your logo for a sweet ending to the evening. There are so many options to get your logo out there on a sweet vessel.

Create a Custom Cake for a Milestone Celebration

Birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? All of these events are cause for celebration of specific individuals with their own interests, goals and history. We can bring that to life in the form of a custom bakery item for each event.

Custom Cake Design for All Occasions

Is your grad going to Italy for the summer? We can make a big cannoli cake wrapped in an Italian flag. Do your mom and dad spend all their time on the water? We can create a custom cake formed after their boat with the two of them on-board for their surprise anniversary party. The big 5-0 for a golf-loving dad? We can turn his cake into a delicious golf course. The options are endless. We can work with you to discover their passions and bring them to life through custom bakery items that will wow them and make them feel oh so loved.

Surprise Your Kiddo with Cupcakes

Make your child the cool kid in school by dropping off custom cupcakes themed after their most recent obsession for the entire class to enjoy. We’ll personalize them with a special message among all of your child’s favorite characters so they can all celebrate with a fun dessert everyone will remember. We can also create a custom cake featuring their favorite superhero for the party over the weekend! We can always do this for you too, adults. You’re never too old for customized cakes.

Custom Cupcakes for All Ages

Please note that we do require a minimum of three business days’ notice for specialty cookies and two business days’ notice for all custom cakes. This allows us plenty of time to make your dessert just right.

Are you ready to get started creating a custom work of art for your next celebration or corporate event? Visit our bakery page to see menus filled with even more delicious items. Contact us online or call us at 713-699-1693 to brainstorm and get a quote!

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