The 10 Best Houston Tailgate Ideas for Your Office Super Bowl Party

— December 19, 2017

Every year, you can count on the Super Bowl to draw a crowd—and not just in the stadium! Your employees are going to relax and enjoy the big show somewhere, so why not make it together? Being located in the biggest football state in the US, it only makes sense to host an office Super Bowl party.

Check out these top office tailgate and Super Bowl party ideas that will get your employees excited for the big game and boost their morale.

10 Steps to Planning Your Office Super Bowl Tailgating Party

1. Choose a convenient location

Is your office’s parking lot filled with sunshine and enough room for your employees to gather and enjoy service by our friendly staff? Or with the addition of our drop-off food, can you transform your office space for a football party? If so, take advantage of the convenience that hosting an office tailgate on-site provides for both you and your guests.

Even if your parking lot is suited to a tailgate, you may want to host a Super Bowl celebration elsewhere. Why? Choosing a unique Houston venue makes a distinction between the work environment and party time, and it also makes creating an exceptionally memorable event easier. Your office tailgate certainly will stand out from the rest if you host it at Firehouse Saloon. Arrange for a party bus to bring your employees to this lively space and start dreaming up all your Super Bowl party ideas to display on the big stage!

If you can’t decide whether or not to host on-site at a unique venue, go for both! Invite employees to an after-hours cocktail party at a fun venue the Friday before the big game and then host an on-site office party the day of. This may seem like a big commitment. But remember, you may find everything you need for your office party on our delivery menu.

2. Hype your company event

Many employees will have already marked their calendars for Super Bowl Sunday, and even those who are not big football fans look forward to the grand production—if for nothing more than the impressive commercials! This makes building excitement leading up to your company tailgate easier than ever. Send out invitations early, hang posters in the lunchroom near the TV and send out reminder emails as the date approaches.

Be sure to let guests know what dress is appropriate. Although our staff is always professionally attired with black pants, shirt and tie with a bistro apron, your office Super Bowl party is a great time to encourage employees to relax in their favorite fan wear.

3. Create a comfortable social space

Your Super Bowl party is a great opportunity to encourage employees to mix and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere. And the right setup will ensure you make the most of this. Most venues can benefit from high boys while an outdoor location calls for plenty of chairs, maybe even some comfy couches and tents or umbrellas to provide shade—added bonus if customized with your corporate logo!

4. Decorate to reflect team pride

Team paraphernalia, banners, foam fingers and jerseys are a must at Super Bowl parties and tailgates. Customizing these to your company’s image is the fun and creative part of filling out your office tailgate décor. Fortunately, because your company works as a team too, it is easy to meld corporate and sports decorations. Take, for example, the team jerseys you plan to hang—how about customizing them with numbers that reflect your company’s number of years of operation?

5. Satisfy fans’ cravings

Houston football catering calls for plenty of fan favorites like chicken wings and po boys. Because we expect these to be in high demand at your office tailgate, we recommend offering them in a variety of ways. Our chicken wings station includes traditional spicy, BBQ and mango chipotle varieties served with celery sticks, ranch and blue cheese dressings. And you can choose two varieties— shrimp, chicken and cheese steak—of po boys to serve at a chef-attended station. With these ingredients served on our mouthwatering mini bolillo bread, guests will love whichever ones you choose.

After indulging in classic tailgate food, some guests might begin to crave more refreshing food while others will go straight into dessert. The signature salads you find on our delivery menu are a nice way to lighten up the traditionally hearty Super Bowl foods and are the perfect lead into custom desserts. Chocolate covered football strawberries and iced cookies shaped like footballs, goal posts and football fields once again provide guests with more indulgent options.

6. Provide custom snacks

Because part of the fun of a tailgate is the endless snacking, finger foods are a must. If you’ve taken a look at our takeaway menu, then you know you have endless options of delicious platters, skewers, spinners and dips and spreads. And of course, we are happy to custom design your takeaway or full-service menu to match your tailgate vision.

Nobody knows your team better than you, so let us know what they crave and we will create it! But before you finalize your menu requests, we have to remind you of our homemade tortilla chips available with guacamole, salsa rojo and chile con queso and our popcorn bar with assorted seasonings, candies and nuts. “Create your own” stations are the best way to make sure no fan goes hungry!

7. Stack up beer and achievements

There is no better way to chill out than by enjoying a beer or two while bantering about the big game. One of the simplest yet most fun Houston tailgate ideas is offering craft beers from the teams’ home states. Displayed in custom coolers each decorated with the state from which the beers and teams come, this beverage idea will also add to your Super Bowl party décor.

8. Toss out custom footballs

Kick off your office tailgate entertainment with top Super Bowl party games like football toss. This is an especially memorable moment when guests realize they are customized with your company logo and theirs for the keeping! Be sure to order enough of these to set more at the exit to ensure every employee takes one home.

9. Toss in employee photos

In one of your party reminder emails, ask employees to reply with a photo of them at a sports event. Then compile these in a collage photo or slideshow to play at your office Super Bowl party. On Monday, when employees return to the office, make sure the first email you send them is a photo gallery from your Super Bowl office tailgate.

10. Extend Super Bowl office party memories

One of our favorite Houston tailgate ideas is a photo booth where guests can put on team jerseys to take photos together. Print these out, place them in frames customized with your office tailgate date and company logo and have them ready for pickup at the conclusion of your event. We would not be surprised if some employees set these out on their office desks when they return to work. By providing the highest quality food and extraordinary service, we uphold our commitment to helping Houston companies surpass their event goals. And we can’t wait to extend our values to your office Super Bowl party tailgate.

If professionally presented creative ideas resonate with your corporate image, contact us online or give us a call at 713.699.1693.

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