Personalized Wedding Trends 2018

— November 14, 2017

Less is more at 2018 weddings. Couples are boiling down their wedding wish lists and guest counts. And, simultaneously, they are paying extra attention to each and every detail—curating the most elegant weddings. Couples are hand-selecting everything from flowers to wine, and this incredible attention to detail is showing up in all the top wedding trends of 2018.

We love the new wedding reception trends because they ask you to put your style into every aspect of your wedding, and this is something we are passionate about. So, with great excitement, we invite you to embrace the following wedding ideas.

Wedding Trends That Make Your Personality Shine

New Metallic Wedding Colors
Metallics are still popular, and for good reason—they help create the elegant and ornate atmosphere couples desire. But gold, brass and rose gold no longer lead the charge—they are giving way to silver, chrome and copper. And white marble accents and touches of blue are adding a welcoming vibe to this shiny wedding color theme.

Of course, you can replace the popular blue accents with warm hues of your favorite color. Soft neutrals are still incredibly popular, with white, ivory and blush setting the tone for elegant wedding decorations. However, that that should not discourage you from adding a pop of bright color—blues, yellow and orange are finding their way into the 2018 wedding décor trends.

Artisanal Wedding Themes

Fine Art Wedding Theme
Couples are planning weddings like painting a picture—adding a little more style and flare to each detail until their vision is complete. After refining and revising their wedding dreams, couples are enjoying fine art weddings that give guests a truly memorable experience. Every glance around unique Houston venues like Gremillion Art Gallery and each bite of artisanal cuisine give guests an unprecedented glimpse into your journey together.

Couples are going to great lengths to ensure every moment is complete. One place we see this is in cocktail hours where couples are pairing each upscale appetizer with a fine wine. For this, couples are attracted to our innovative cocktail hour small bites like:

Mango glazed jumbo shrimp skewers: Jumbo gulf shrimp jerked and finished with a fresh mango glaze.
Prosciutto pizzette: With fontina, tomato & basil.
Greek feta, sun-dried tomato and pistachio truffles: Served on a pita chip.

Mystical Wood Forest Theme
Like many famous artists, couples are going to serene places or gazing out at breathtaking views as they let their creativity come forth in their wedding plans. In doing so, sometimes their wedding visions starts to take on an enchanted wood forest theme. According to WeddingWire, “woodsy” is joining (and even replacing) the long-popular “rustic” wedding atmosphere.

Wooden details and plenty of greenery put the finishing touches on buildings that are filled with natural light and stunning views. And venues with outdoor spaces open a whole other forest of opportunities for natural décor and breathtaking photo ops. With stunning greenery and gardens, the River Oaks Garden Club is booking up fast.

Industrial Metallic Theme
Couples who want to embrace their artistic side in a very modern way are looking for industrial spaces with plenty of exposed brick walls and metal or steel accents. These are an open canvas for innovative menu and décor ideas. And they also come with extensive audio/visual systems that open the door to the most technologically advanced wedding entertainment. From a digital guestbook to LED lights, everything is far from standard at industrial theme weddings.

Dramatic Wedding Décor

When couples incorporate their unique style into their wedding décor, it is transforming wedding venues like never before. Think large yet graceful and let your personality shine in variations of these top wedding décor trends:

Suspended arrangements: Try hanging flowers with metallic accents.
Geometric shapes: Start by asking your Houston catering company to design artistic geometric displays of small bites.
Giant wreaths: Beautiful wreaths are gracing weddings in all season—a perfect way to bring holiday joy to your wedding.
Oversized floral centerpieces: Make a statement by visiting a local flower farm to pick your own flowers to greet guests at their tables.

Fun Wedding Menus

Couples are choosing entrees that tell something about their story—as a couple and part of a wonderful family. Childhood favorites and first date meals are being reinvented by skilled chefs using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to create delicious and incredibly custom menus that nail all the wedding food trends. With each bite revealing something about the couple, menus are more dynamic than ever—lending themselves to action stations, buffets and small bites rather than plated dinner service.

Later in the evening, couples are looking to complete their unique wedding experience using fun and creative wedding dessert ideas. Nearly naked cakes—those with the sponge poking through a thin layer of buttercream—are only the beginning of the fun wedding dessert ideas.

Doughnut bars are gaining popularity and are easy to customize. However, we really love creating one-of-a-kind dessert tables unique to you. For example, we had fun setting up a Paris-themed dessert station among ivory and gold wedding décor. Guests loved this elegant display not only for its cake pops, assorted macaroons, Eiffel Tower sugar cookies and petit fours, but also for the memories it shared.

Paris-themed Dessert Station

Extended Celebrating

Couples are giving extra thought to their pre- and post-wedding brunches as well as their actual wedding day. They are asking us to further personalize their bridal showers and rehearsal dinners and help them plan relaxing and memorable post-wedding brunches that let everyone soak up everything they have experienced and shared together.

We treat these events just like your wedding day, leaving no detail unturned. Because you can trust us to coordinate with your venue to provide everything you need, including food and beverages, staff, flowers, rentals and entertainment, you can pare down your wedding planning checklist. This ensures you keep all your energy and personality that your wedding beautifully showcases.

Dating back to 1988, our Houston catering company has seen a lot of wedding trends come and go. But the undercurrent of personalization has always remained, and we are so excited it is coming to the forefront at 2018 weddings. From signature cocktails to personalized wish lanterns, we can’t wait to combine your unique style with your wedding theme.

We are humbled every time a Houston couple trusts us to bring their wedding dreams to life. To join them, contact us online or give us a call at 713.699.1693.

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