Houston Companies Rally to Give Back

— October 11, 2017

Hurricane Harvey brought destruction and devastation to our beloved city of Houston. It’s not the first time we’ve seen our city torn apart. And, unfortunately, it won’t be the last. Thankfully, we can count on the ability of our wonderful community to come together to support one another. It is with all of our efforts that we are able to rise strong—Houston strong.

Together, working as a cohesive team, we can become even stronger and look to a brighter future. Sometimes all it takes is a vision: we believe this because although our business started decades ago with just one man, we now have a whole troop of professionals to send out to help our community in need.

Every day that we deliver food to Houstonians, we feel more connected to our community that we are so proud to support. And we take exceptional satisfaction in serving those in need, so responding to the hurricane disaster was all our pleasure.

The Vision of One, the Heart of a Team

Since Executive Chef Jeffrey George founded Catering by George in 1988, our desire to connect with our community and foster relationships has only grown stronger. Recently, we had the opportunity to test our teamwork and help our community afflicted by the hurricane. We are so proud to have united with our community to stand strong in the face of this disaster.

Creativity and Organization Bring Success

Whether delivering food for a party of ten or prepping food to serve 15,000, we are always confident in our ability to execute. Whether helping others to celebrate or to recover from hardships, our process remains the same: make a custom plan, organize and execute with compassion. Piece by piece and step by step, our Houston catering company tackled this initiative to give back.

The Many Ways We Gave Back:

1. Replenish First Responders: To revitalize first responders at the HPD Union office, we delivered sandwich trays, fresh fruit salad and green salads along with cookies. We knew they would be in need of nutritious food and are happy we could provide just that.

2. T-Shirt Donations: First responders were in desperate need of clothing. So we collected t-shirts to donate —a small gift to show they have the support of a whole community.

3. Share Our Facility: We opened our kitchen to volunteer chefs who were also feeding first responders. The chefs were able to prepare meals with items donated by many local food vendors and restaurants such as Martin Foods and Mister French’s Gourmet Bakery. This was the best way that we could facilitate the efforts of likeminded individuals wanting to help the community.

Recognizing Others’ Efforts

We applaud others for stepping up in this challenging time. From the Houston wedding planner who set up an office and organized groups of volunteers to help demo houses to the bakeries that offered special menu items with proceeds going to the mayor’s fund for Harvey Relief, we commend your efforts.

To the companies like Coffee Priest who rallied donations toward our cause, we want to extend another sincere thank you.

We are so humbled to be a part of such a compassionate community and to have even a small role in bringing it together to lessen the impact of this disaster. We look forward to being able to continue to offer our support for the community and those in need.

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