Five Fun Ideas for Houston Summer Catering (and Boosting Employee Morale)

— April 27, 2017

You’ve probably read in other blogs or articles that providing food or catering to your employees and workforce can help boost morale and build employee loyalty. But did you know just how effective it can really be?

The operative figure to pay attention to is 80{dc64555424dfa59baaddab54ef6d0f0eb00dd314b12294f4062730ba682d421d}. That’s the percentage of employees (according to a survey study from Glassdoor published in Office Suite Strategies) who say they’re motivated to work harder when shown appreciation through measures like catering and complimentary food. Another 66{dc64555424dfa59baaddab54ef6d0f0eb00dd314b12294f4062730ba682d421d} said that catered food actually saves time during their workday. So not only are your employees working harder through this investment, they’re also working smarter and more efficiently.

Keeping your employees feeling appreciated (and also full) is our priority and our business. As the summer draws closer, we want to bring to light some opportunities for you to cultivate that loyalty and productivity through some of the more fun and under-recognized summer month celebrations.

1. May 7: National Lemonade Day

This national holiday was actually invented in Houston and observes summer’s most glorious and notorious liquid refreshment. A parking lot lemonade and refreshment stand with popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, peach cobbler or banana pudding cups is a fun and festive way to give your employees some fresh air and show them you care.

2. June 7: National Egg Day

In observation of that incredible, edible food item for which everyone has their own preference of preparation, we give you National Egg Day. Frittatas are one of our most popular egg dishes. But why stop there? How about including a fun make-your-own omelet station with meats and veggies? Give your employees a healthy breakfast and the chance to cook up their own favorite eggy ensemble.

3. June 18 & 20: International Picnic Day/First Day of Summer

It’s a fortunate coincidence that these two days should fall so close together on the calendar. Summertime is picnic time, and that means all the delicious burgers, dogs, fried chicken, potato salad and coleslaw your appetite can handle. No better time for a company picnic and the chance for your employees to get outside and enjoy the sun and fun games or activities. Of course, this is Texas, and we love air conditioning. So if it’s too hot, indoor picnics are just fine too!

4. July 16: National Ice Cream Sundae Day

Speaking of the Texas heat, what better way to beat it than with some sweet, delicious ice cream? Some of us remember getting ice cream for good report cards when we were little. Now that we’re older, it’s still a great way to show your employees gratitude. That said, ice cream can be challenging to make or transport in the summer months here. But maybe some ice cream cone-shaped cookies and a casual flip-flops day at the office would suffice in giving your employees the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the weather.

5. July 30: National Cheesecake Day

This date marks one of the most decadent and celebrated desserts in the culinary world. Cheesecake comes in all sorts of varieties and can be complemented with several different kinds of toppings, from your classic strawberry or peach to your sweet chocolate mousse or red velvet.  Our cheesecake is versatile, delicious and can feed up to 16 people. Treating your group to this decadent summer delight is sure to show them how much you appreciate all they do.

6. BONUS! August 19: National Hot & Spicy Food Day

Statistically and climatologically speaking, it’s lined up perfectly to be one of the hottest days of the year. So a national holiday commemorating all things spicy around this time makes a lot of sense. Houston is a great spicy food town, and your employees would certainly love a spicy food buffet with Texas BBQ and jalapeño cornbread. Throw in some juicy brisket, honey jalapeño chicken, cowpoke beans and potato salad and you’ve got the perfect spicy summer BBQ catering event for your whole team.

There are plenty of great reasons—and days on the calendar—to celebrate this summer and show your employees some love and appreciation. Our Houston event menus can cater to each of these fine occasions, and we’re confident that your employees will put that love and appreciation they receive right back into your business.

If you’re ready to start planning an amazing summer celebration for your team, contact our expert Houston corporate event planners online or call at 713.699.1693.


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